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European Track E-1

The European E-1 track is the international track. It goes throught all our continent, from Cape Noth,Norway to Capo Passero in Sicily. This track goes through the territory of the Regional Park of Campo dei Fiori, overlapping itself on other tracks like the n.15 from Gonna to Brinzio, n.4 and n.5 from Brinzio to the Valico of the Pizzelle, n.1 from the Valico of the Pizzelle to the Forte di Orino, n.2 from the Forte di Orino to Orino, n.10 from Orino to the intersection with the n.13 and from the n.13 to Gavirate.
The track has been pointed out thanks to signs installed by the F.I.E.(Italian Hiker Federation) in collaboration with the Park. 

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