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Bus timetables Line C railway stations/centre/First Chapel/Santa Maria del Monte

Largo Gigli (davanti stazione FS) - 21100 Varese

Tel. 0332-336121 Fax 0332-330720 call center 199 153 155 active from monday to friday 08.00 - 20.00, saturday 09.00 - 16.00. 0,14 cents min. Ticket €1,40 payable on board (the machine don't give the change). Saturday (scheduled time variable), festivity and agoust, the bus is replaced by the cablerail way from Piazzale Montanari.

Cablerail way is not operated on december, january and february.


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Line C : for those who arrives by train at Varese, take the bus from Via Maspero stop, near Piazzale Kennedy a Varese in via Maspero, lato piazzale Kennedy.  


The line C will deviate the ride to stop near the football stadium in VIA GIOVANNI BORGHI where is the chance of a free parking area. The ride will be every 30 min and the bus will stop at the Cable railway station (there you can take the cable railway to rise up the mountain - same ticket of the bus € 1.40 per 90 min, or you can reach by walk the First Chapel)

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