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Liberty Itinerary

The area at the foot of Campo dei Fiori is rich in Liberty buildings. You can find extraordinary villas in Velate, Sant’Ambrogio and Santa Maria del Monte. One of these villas, named Villa Cesarina di Ganna, now is a very refined bed & breakfast (phone 0332-719721).

Important exponents of Art Nouveau were Ulisse Stacchini, Silvio Gambini and Alessandro Mazzucotelli. Ulisse Stacchini worked at the project of the Central Station of Milan and at Villa Magnani in Induno Olona; Silvio Gambini worked at Villa Ferrario, Villa Nicora and Villa Leone in Busto Arsizio; Alessandro Mazzucotelli (also called the “Prince of wrought iron”) realized extraordinary terraces, gardens, parks doors and windows.

The architect Giuseppe Sommaruga was considered the “Prince of Art Nouveau”: he worked at the projects of about one hundred villas and at the Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori.

To notice are: the funicular and the Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori, symbols of the upper middle class of the 20th century; the Palace Hotel in Colle Campigli where Juventus, Inter and Milan went on retreat in the years between 1950 and 1960; the Poretti brewery built in 1901. 

In the 20th century Varese became the modern city of airplanes, cars and motorcycles. In the same period a lot of local firms such as Aeronautica Macchi, Caproni Vizzola and Siai Marchetti became richer and richer. These were the years of growth and publicity: bewitching advertisements aided the tourist to discover the cool valleys and the suggestive lakes of Varese.


The project was realized by the architect Giuseppe Sommaruga. The restaurant was opened a few days later the finishing of the funicular.

To notice are the large hall, the colonnade, the two stairs and the kitchens.

THE GRAND HOTEL CAMPO DEI FIORI (1908-1912) – closed

The very complicated project was realized by the architect Giuseppe Sommaruga. In 1940 a dreadful fire destroyed the upper floors of the building and the last floor was replaced by the present mansard. Daniele Riva said: << The Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori is unique of its kind. An incredible mix of baroque and Art Nouveau.>>

THE FUNICULAR (1909-1911)

The project was realized by the architect Giuseppe Sommaruga. The arrival station was placed between the Grand Hotel and the restaurant.

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